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Self Published Romance Authors, Beginning Writers and those in the Indie-ustry..I WANT YOU! Yes, you...and, you.. and you over there, and you, you, and even you.


I've been fortunate enough to be able to get away from my regular domestic routine for a month and head to sunny central Texas to sit in a hotel suite for hours on end doing nothing but writing, planning and plotting...and that's not even working on my novella/novel! (That's a whole other ball game.)

While here in Texas, many changes in my writing world have taken place (or are about to). In the next few months I will have some fantastic news to share and a ton of fun things taking place. But for now, I would like to share an exciting idea that's been niggling (is that a real word? Eh--I like it.) at the back of my brain for the past few months.

Please...let me explain, No, let me sum up:
See what happens when your brain doesn't shut down at night? Red Eyes and Coffee!

Nearly six years ago I dreamed of  writing my first full length novel. With my husbands insistence and a few important gifts to help, he told me I had one year to write a full manuscript and have it ready to market. So every day I wrote until I had a story I thought was wonderful...ehhh, the rough draft has made it through SEVERAL revisions since then.

But come to find out, that's not all there was to writing. (What?! You mean you can't just write a story and expect to sell it?) When donkeys fly! All hope lost! Now what to do?

I did the smartest thing I could think of. I joined Romance Writers of America (RWA) found local chapters (MRW and WRW--thank you my sisters and brothers for so much), and learned what needed to be done by those who'd 'boldly gone before me'.

One of the greatest thing about being a writer/author is the companionship along the way. It is the greatest source of friendship and mentor ship I've ever encountered. If you have a question, all you have to do is ask--I don't care if they are NYT Best Sellers or someone who is just starting their publishing process, they will take the time to answer your questions and guide you along. They are a fount of great advice.

Unfortunately though, it's not always easy staying on top of the ever changing market. Publishers come and go, names change, traditional publishing isn't what it used to be as self-publishing has hit the market--but even that is constantly changing. Marketing is now up to the author even for many traditional publishers.

The past three years since I received my first contract, I've lived on the Internet and social media loops/groups to find out where I need to be, what I need to be doing, how to stay afloat and what goals to set. I also learn from my critique partners, writing and self-publishing groups by sharing information and finding out what works for them.

Writing has become a full time that takes up time not only writing but Marketing.

If you are like me, you would rather be writing that next best seller, not searching the Internet (which lately mine has been slow and wonky (another word I like--wonky). Searching from link to link and typing in search words to hopefully get me where I want to go--a legitimate site, which will help me keep my business going, is tedious and time consuming.
Cluttered Desk--Creative Mind: HELP!

So I thought to myself, "Self? Do you wish there was one site you could go to and BOOM--everything you're looking for is there?" And I answered back, "Darn straight, self! That would make my life so much easier."

Well, I'm sure I'm not the only one out there but I'm not sure where  to look--and hey, another site to help authors would be great. Right? Right.

So without further ado:

Loni (that's me for those of you who don't know) is merging with her own self-publishing name, Spiridus Publishing to bring you just a site. But wait...I don't want to have to research and blog all the time? I have books to write!

Solution: I am imploring, begging, pleading, down on my knees asking for donations of (no not money) articles, links and information to share in the romance writer's world.

With Spiridus Publishing, I'm not a 'publisher'. I won't buy your rights or sell your book, but I will point you in the direction of where you might find one, or where or how to promote. I'm looking to be a 'writers co-op' of information. Everyone knows of someone in the industry who could use an extra hand...Spiridus Publishing is that 'third hand' to give us a boost.

By word of mouth and social media I hope to establish a site in which everyone related in the Romance Self-publishing and Indie Publishing can share their ideas, links, sites and knowledge of the writing market from the beginning steps of writing to hitting the New York Times Best Seller List. (As my sister told me the other day, 'If you are going to dream...DREAM BIG.' )

There will be something for every romance fiction genre (and books with romantic elements), to start out with, and possibly some self-help books for authors. In the mean time, I will be looking for people with ideas to share as I put together this project of love and give back to those who've helped me along the way, and pass the 'flaming plume' on to others.

I hope to have the site (and publishing name) up and running by mid-February. All blog articles will be posted M-F. I will have pages to support the general mass of romance writing but also pages to highlight sub genres: YA, NA, Erotic, Suspense, Contemporary, Paranormal/Fantasy, etc.

There will be pages of links for industry sites: Reviewers, Bloggers, Cover Artists, Formaters, Editors, Publishers, Promotional Sites, etc.

If this might be something you are interested in please contact me at: and put in the subject line--Supporting Spiridus Publishing.

Thank you...your support, comments, complaints will be greatly appreciated.

Hugs from Loni--hey, it was the closest thing I had to a 'hug-like' picture. Hugs anyway.

Loni Lynne

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


New Release from Jody A. Kessler - Blog Tour & Giveaway! Both novels in this award-winning series will be on sale for only .99 cents for a limited time.

AD tour - Official -resized

Supernatural boundaries will be crossed as Angel of Death, Nathaniel Evans, risks his eternal soul to save the one he loves, the paranormally gifted and nature-loving, Juliana Crowson. While working with a new client, Nathaniel finds out that pissing off a demon-wielding warlock in order to help a suicidal teen with misplaced sexual tendencies may be the last thing he ever does as an angel. Unable to stand aside, Juliana’s involvement in Nathaniel’s new case quickly develops into a misadventure with gun-toting bikers, table dancing, and a shamanic exorcism performed by her temperamental Native American friend, Chris Abeyta. Can Nathaniel and Juliana’s love endure blood-letting rituals in the forest while helping a terrified teen find the will to live, or will fate and the rules of the afterlife tear them eternally apart?
Angel Dreams drop shadow 1600 x 2400

Read an Excerpt from the Novel: 

I reach for her left hand and she lets me take it. “I only want to keep you safe. Is that all right?” She bites her lower lip and then looks up at me. “You can’t be everywhere all the time, can you?” “No. But for you, I wish I could be.” “Certain things are out of our control.” “That doesn’t mean I have to like it, but I know. You asked me what the matter was earlier. This is it. I realized anything could happen to you and I can’t control it. We have just started to know each other. It terrified me, and now this.” I glance down at her red finger. “Nathan. I, you…we just have to stay in the moment. This,” She holds up her index finger showing me the swollen side and the drying blood, “is a perk of my job. Not a deadly accident. If anything does happen to me, or you, at least we knew each other. Even for a short time. Right?” “Getting injured on the job is not a perk, it’s a hazard,” I argue. Our relationship is just starting, so no. A short time is not good enough for me. When I’m with Juliana I can only imagine eternity together, not minutes. The way she stares at me, with caring eyes, and her kissable mouth, it’s so innocent and alive. It makes me want to lock her away in a cell with both of us inside and never see any threat or harm come near her again. “I want you, Juliana. I want to know you. I want to see your face in the morning light and be with you until you fall asleep at night. I want to hold your hand as we walk in these woods, not just today, but always. What I don’t want, what I can’t live with, is a collection of fading memories and a well full of regret.” I watch her closely looking for any shift of uneasiness as I pour out my soul to her. She looks up at me. Her face is open and the honesty I see echoes my own. “We will know each other,” she assures me, and then she seals her words by leaning forward on her tiptoes and brushing her perfect pink lips over mine.
AD tour sale - Official

032About the Author
 When Jody isn’t navigating the terrain of her imagination and writing it down, she can be found exploring the wilderness of Colorado with her family, or in the kitchen baking cookies & brownies - and then trying not to eat them all. She’s passionate about continuing to learn and reads anything and everything that catches her interest. Jody is a full time mom, a Reiki Master, and has taught Hatha yoga for over a decade. Jody’s debut novel, Death Lies Between Us, is the winner of RomCon’s Readers’ Crown award for best Paranormal Romance in 2014. She is currently working on a historical time travel series set in Montana in the 1860’s. The first book in the series, The Night Medicine, will be published in March 2015. Jody A. Kessler invites you to visit with her at:, or on FacebookTwitter 

For a chance to win a $10 amazon gift card or a signed paperback of the Death Lies Between Us (An Angel Falls, #1) please enter the rafflecopter! a Rafflecopter giveaway To see a complete list of tour stops, please click here:

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Toni Decker's Shoalman Immortal--Releases Today!

It's finally here!

Shoalman Immortal - Book 2 in The Shoalman Chronicles - available NOW!

600x958_eBook_Shoalman_ImmortalBlurb: Falling in love was never supposed to be part of the picture. Kyrissa Spears was born with a powerful, and deadly, gift. When she paints, she captures emotions so strong they can kill. Desperate to find a teacher capable of helping her unlock and control her abilities, Kyrissa's search leads her to an artist who may be able to help her.And he's the one person she can't accidentally kill. After five centuries of pain and loneliness, Robert Shoalman craves release from his immortality. He's all but given up hope until he meets the beautiful and intriguing Kyrissa. She could paint his death and break the curse, but at the cost of destroying her gift and being lost to him forever—none of which will matter if the demon hunting him finds them first.

Available NOW on AMAZON

And for a limited time it's only $.99*.

*until January 23rd. so get it while the price lasts.




4500x2820_Amazon_eBook_Images_Eternal_final v1.0Need to catch up on the series? Get the first book in the series IMAGES ETERNAL at one of the links below:

Amazon Kobo Nook





Who is Toni Decker?

photo(7)Two authors telling one sizzling story after another about twenty-somethings getting along in their own crazy, fantastical worlds. Both women are wives and mothers, sharing brain cells and characters as if they only exist with the other.
Toni, one half of the Toni Decker brain, is an avid reader of all things Young and New Adult while Kira, the Decker half of Toni Decker brain, devours fantasy for midnight snacks.
Together, their stories are one part New Adult, one part Fantasy and three parts of Holy Hotness.
You can follow our journey on: Twitter: @ToniDeckerBooks and @KiraDecker & @ToniPicker FaceBook: Toni Decker Books, Kira Decker, Toni Picker Tumblr: tonideckerbooks Goodreads: Toni Decker Wordpress: Toni Decker Books Email: ToniDeckerBooks  

Don't forget to check out the SHOALMAN IMMORTAL Blog Hop happening until January 23, 2015.

TWO different GIVEAWAYS happening and lost of fun posts with "lost" chapters, character interviews and more.

Want more chances to win? Follow Toni and Kira on their blog tour!
Week 1:
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Jan. 13 - Poisoned Rationality / Chapter Reveal
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Jan. 19 - Winterhaven Books / Chapter Reveal
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Monday, January 5, 2015


So happy for my friend Louann Carroll's release of her latest Sci-Fi book. So looking forward to enjoying this one!

Take a peak--and don't forget, there is a contest for your chance to receive free copies, too!


Trouble arises and concern ripples through the Olam. Kate is unable to make the transition from human to bond mate and her dreams of returning to Earth with Noah are crushed. Uriel will become Kate’s mentor while Noah is dispatched to Naresh, his home planet and to his people to whom the Light no longer speaks.

Will Kate become the bond mate she is meant to be? Will Noah find welcome with his people or will they despise him for taking the Light from their souls. Most important of all, will the prophecy of Lucia be fulfilled, or will Belial, demon of Hades, murder her in a fit of jealous rage?


“Enough!” Belial shouted, causing a comet to rip across the skies of Ursula in the seventh dimension. “The Light makes us gods then ignores us.” After sipping Goshen from a fragile glass, he threw the cup across the room, taking pleasure as it shattered against a far wall.
“Be calm, my favored one. Be still.”
“Why did the Light choose humans?” Belial demanded.
His clone shrugged.
When not preoccupied with other matters, this thought was compulsive. Rejected and alone, Belial paced his office. At last, he sat in the Reiki hoping it would calm him. Glancing at Manov he frowned as his clone hovered nearby.
Manov blushed, his hands trembling even as he tried to pour another glass of Goshen, known for its calming powers.
The clone’s dimwitted brain was easy for Belial to read. Replicates were either exceptionally smart or stupid and Manov was as stupid as they came.
Manov asked, “Is there anything else I can get you?”
“No.” Belial, one of the first created souls and a crowned prince of Hades, rose from the Reiki and walked to the window. He leaned over the parapet, breathing deeply. The blue cornflower had awakened last evening, filling Corseca with the most delightful scent.
“The city is beautiful, yes?” Manov asked.
Growling, Belial cried, “Get away from me. I wish to be alone.” At times, his temper fell upon the witless Manov. A pang of guilt surfaced; a left over emotion from his days with Sheren, his banished wife and mother to his three sons. She had attempted to make his conscience take root, to flourish like hers, and for her he had even tried to create one. But when she left him for the Light, his fledgling empathy died, well, mostly died. It would take eons to get it completely out of his system.  
Glancing out the window, tall towers of crushed corinthen shell glistened in the lowering light, while an angry ocean crested against white sand beaches. He heard Manov exit the chamber, closing the door, the raspy sound grating on his nerves.
“By the Light,” he whispered. He rested his eyes on stormy seas, his soul taking part in the creation and destruction of the planet. He had a fondness for the clone and berated himself for being cruel, another emotion best left to the ethers. Still, looking at Manov was like peering into a mirror. Hurting him was like destroying a piece of himself.
The Light had given first angels the power of creation and procreation, if the desire was present. Belial had quickly cloned himself. It was a much cleaner process than birthing and didn’t require a female.
He often sat in wonderment, staring at Manov, amazed at the powers the Light had bestowed. The day after the Light came to know Itself angels entered the universe. Born in varying hues, they had personalities that ranged from angelic perfection to himself and Lucifer, both filled with jealousy, hatred, and willfulness. One of the first born, they fell at the feet of the Light in agony, the love filling them too much to bear.
From that moment on, he gave allegiance only to the Light and to no other soul, including humans, and he expected the same from his creator. His bitterness ran deep when All That Is made humans Its chosen people. They were nasty creatures, always simpering, pleading, praying, locked into their dark world by choice. Why in Hades would anyone want that kind of life?
Hissing, he turned away from the window. It was not just humans he found distasteful, but most creatures in the universe. Filled with things like love, compassion, and that hateful word, empathy, they roamed the universe seeking to do good to others. He didn’t want to know what empathy felt like and he had no room for love.
Rage threatened to overtake him.
After all, what had all that goodness done for him? Three sons had he by Sheren. Three! How stupid could he be? He howled with regret, the window mirroring his anger as the great change began. Born amidst his fury, the bestiality would overtake his angelic persona in moments.  Their firstborn son, Haonshalom, he’d killed with his own hand, or rather talon. He brought up an arm and wiggled his fingers. In a flash, one elongated, baring a razor sharp spike. He’d driven it into his son’s heart then killed the woman he’d married and their newborn son.


Louann Carroll is a Native Californian living in the Sierra Nevada foothills with her husband, Dennis. Mother to three children, she is an avid rock, fossil, and gem hunter who enjoys sharing her finds with family and friends. She is a student of alternative religion, archaeology, anthropology, and paleontology.

After leaving her position as C.E.O. in the Bay Area, she has pursued her writing career with much success. Winner of the 2010 Crescent Moon Press award for best novel, she has added numerous titles to her resume. She is the author of the Gemini series, A Shadow of Time, a paranormal romance, Journeys, The Adventure of Leaf, and other children's stories.