Monday, December 4, 2017

I've Been Away...But Now I'm Back...Part-Time

Hello. It's me, Loni Lynne...

Yes, I know. For many of you, you haven't heard from me in awhile and it's been frustrating for me. Let me explain:

My alter-ego, Loni-the non-writer took me into the world of reality. (UGH! Not a fun place at times...but hey, it pays the bills.)

She's been working full-time for over a year, day in and day out, doing stuff that makes her not even want to see a computer when she gets home. Her brain turned to mush and she began doing weird things like dancing for exercise in her spare time to keep from getting "chair-butt" as she calls it. (She loves it and is more flexible than she was when she was a teenager!)

Recently I had a talk with her and told her she needed to get back to WRITING! I was feeling left out and I smacked her upside the head and told her, "Hey! Remember Me?"

Well, she finally started acknowledging me again but told me how hectic her life/schedule was getting and that if we could work in finding more time and energy together, we could work something out...not full-time as before, but part-time.

We talked, and she gave in by re-arranging her work schedule to 9 hour days at her 'other' job if I could have one full day every other week and any other free time she had.

We mentally shook on the agreement and she's been doing great to focus on her end of the deal.

But it's not just the book writing an author has to deal with. As Loni Lynne, there is the writing, promotions, marketing, revisions, the list goes on. As Loni - the non-writer, there is 9 hours of work days, two-three days of dance classes, family, household chores, the list goes on. Just not enough hours in the day, week or month. *sigh*

So as of right now, Loni Lynne (the writer) is working on a new novel, this blog, updating my website and trying new promotional ideas. So please, bear with 'US' as we adapt to our new mental agreement. We welcome any advise, guidance and help along the way.

Thank you!

Loni Lynne

P.S. No, I do not have multiple personalities...I'm a Fiction Author. We ARE a collective! (Not Borg, though for you Star Trek fans. We do not assimilate others.)