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Loni Lynne -- Letting Fate Guide the Way
Writing and Fate go hand in hand for Loni Lynne. Born in North Central Michigan, she lived many different places, and returned during the summers to visit her grandparents. Summers were her time to dream and write in her fat, five subject spiral notebooks about Fan Fic, teenage angsty romances and "What if's..." based on any issue that came up in the news.

A childhood of moving from state to state--Michigan, Illinois, Arkansas, Oklahoma and finally Texas where she graduated from high school, gave her a well rounded experience of different cultures and characters based on American society. History and English were two of her favorite subjects because she could use the research from her History books to create literature for her classes in fiction writing.

An odd assortment of jobs from her teenage years, a radio DJ (back when you had to have an FCC License), a waitress, and even working for her father taking inventory in his auto parts store, she's a Jack of All Trades and believes in learning a little bit of everything you can in order to experience life to its fullest.

Upon graduating high school Loni signed up for active duty in the United States Navy where she learned to be a temporary supply officer (even though she was enlisted) and a scheduler for an active repair crew. But more importantly, she was introduced to her Army husband whom she spent a four year honeymoon in Hawaii with and returned with a baby girl. Three years and eight days after the first one was born, the second baby girl arrived.

Settling in Western Maryland, close to family, Loni took her Navy skills and became a domestic engineer, Girl Scout leader, PTA officer, all the while dreaming of writing again. Finally her hubby gave her the opportunity on her 40th birthday and told her she had one year to write and finish a manuscript. She did it...and now...well as they say, 'the rest is history'.
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