Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Planning a Start and Starting a Plan

So far I've gotten a start on how my goals are going to be set on August 8th.  This week is a trial and error for me--and as always, life somehow gets in the way.  Today it was running my daughter around and having one of her friends stop in for some help on a party she's planning for her boyfriend, right when I was settling in for setting some writing goals.

I have decided walking at 5:45a.m is the best time for me to get my exercising in.  I do roughly 2 miles in under half an hour so I feel pretty good getting that into my morning, first thing.   I am a morning person so scheduling exercise first thing is best--that way 'life's distractions' are still sleeping.  :)

My writing is going well.  I've finished two chapters in the past two days.  I managed to get in a total of just over 3,000 words yesterday, do some editing, and read a bit--and still have dinner on the table when my oldest daughter came home from work.

Here is what I have for a plan so far:
  • Waking up at 5:30 a.m. for 5:45 power walk. Make bed and pick up dirty clothes before heading out. (Back at 6:30a.m.) and first glass of water.
  • Breakfast, coffee and getting everyone up (due soon with youngest getting ready for Junior year of high school).
  • A quick brain game (I do crosswords, suduko, etc.) Cup of coffee #2.
  • Toss in a load of laundry and take shower.  Go over any paperwork, quick cleaning of kitchen, etc. (minor cleaning--helps keep major cleaning down to  a minimum).
  • Run errands (this is usually right around 9 a.m. so most places are open and it's first thing.)
  • By the time I return I grab a mid morning snack (apple and peanut butter are a favorite) and another glass of water--I love the new Mio flavor enhancers to add to a bottle or a glass of water. Check laundry.
  • I sit down and go over edits, blog, check emails, tweet, etc.
  • Now it is usually around noon.  I sit down and try to do a goal settting plan with a good friend of mine.  She's got me into a 1k1h (1,000 words in 1hour goal) challenge. 
  • At 1:00 I stop for lunch, catch up with laundry and a bit more housework and another glass of water.
  • Around 2:00 I try for another 1k1h before I have to prepare for my DH to return (if he's not away on business), or I have a few more minutes to work on goals.
  • By 5:00p.m though--it's family time.  Dinner, conversation, quality time, television, etc.
If I can stick to this plan, knowing life will get in the way--I at least have a semi-plan to how I would like to see my day go.  I have to remember what a friend told me recently,  something about 'screw the Muse!  Sit myself in my chair and write!' We can't depend on inspiration to take hold, we need to be able to have the tools there to prod our Muse at times.  Not only that, if we are serious about writing then we need to treat it as a serious endeavor.  This is our career for many of us.  Just like any 8 hour a day job--we get up, get dressed, go to work and . . . work.  We owe it to ourselves to make this work.


  1. Wow. You are organized and seem pretty self aware of what you need for yourself. I'm impressed.

    (One question, though. Where is reading time?)

  2. Anna,
    Thanks for stopping by and the compliment--I'm taking it as one. LOL. I'm trying to learn how to be organized again--I was, once upon a time. :)

    Lately I've fit in reading a few chapters or pages in after dinner. Usually I try to spend a bit of down time for me in the evenings before bed. I would be so wore down from a hectic day I wouldn't get past a few paragraphs before falling asleep with book on my face. Now though, getting through a few pages to a chapter or so before turning in. To me, it's part of my meditation time. If I get too wrapped up in it, I may have to set a timer but so far it's just enjoyable time to relax and for me, unwind.

    I'm pretty lucky right now though--I'm not working outside of the home so scheduling my days are a bit different from those who work a full-time job and write too. I would love to see how they work their schedule.

    Take care and hope to hear from you again soon!