Friday, August 5, 2011

Only a Few More Days! -- Enjoy the Weekend!--See You on Monday!

Posting my final blog before we actively go into "Healthy Writing" mode on Monday.
I am excited about this endeavor and hope you are too. 

If you haven't had a chance to set your personal goals for both the personal and the writing side of this plan, please do so over the weekend so you are fresh to go Monday.  This may be trial and error for many of us so if you find your goals are too much or not enough, re-adjust when and where you need to.  If you can't do a half an hour of exercise, try for ten minutes.  Same with the writing.  As I said previously we will try for a couple of hour sessions throughout the day (more if you prefer) but I will try for one during daytime hours and again for after working hours for those who also work a hectic day schedule.

I will ask for anyone who would like to take a lead to do so with comments--if you find you have questions or an answer to someones question--please respond.  I may not have the answer.  This is for all of us to enjoy and fellowship with others too.

I will post here, on Twitter, Facebook and on emails (however you prefer) when we are in writing mode for a timed writing event.  But if you aren't available at those moments--feel free to post when you are--others might be on-line at that point to and wish to join in.

I'm looking forward to learning from you all and sharing in successes throughout!  Enjoy the weekend!  See you Monday!

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