Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day Three of "Healthy Writing"--Hey, I'm Still Here!

Arrrrgggghhh!  I'm being attacked by sticky notes!  My desk is littered with vibrant, florescent pink sticky notes and I had to get away this morning before they feasted on my face.  Tried to post while I was sitting at a favorite coffee spot a few blocks away but the wi-fi was giving me issues so sorry for the delay.

Some of you have contacted me with ideas of needing to edit as we write for the 1K1H times.  I understand.  I too am facing a revamp of my goals and editing so if anyone has ideas post your comments here to share.  I was thinking maybe doing pages of edits one of the hours at least but that was just an idea.  Remember, this is your pace--everything I'm doing is just suggestions and ideas.

I will post my brag today--I've lost two pounds since I started my goals/pre-goals last week and have gotten three chapters more (eight in all so far) for my latest book.  For me, that's pretty good.

I'm hearing great things from you all in emails so share what you can (or want) with others here too.  The more the merrier.

As we say in the Navy for a job well done--Bravo Zulu to you all!


  1. Getting ready for 3:00pm 1K1H! Join in!

  2. I did 715 words this hour on 1K1H. But I finished Chapter 8 of "Save Me". Kinda spicy! The hero/heroine are finally making their sensual connection. Ohhhh yeah! :)

    May wait one of the two 1K1H's out tonight but you all can go ahead and do them. I'll try and get back to you all. To at least start the session.

  3. Go ahead and start the 7:30 1K1H!

    I'll catch ya later!