Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Bitten by Fate

For those who've seen my previous tag-line--"Romance with a Bite of Humor", I've decided after a few years, it was time for a change.

Yes, there are those who say I have a sense of humor in my writing but as an author/writer I've noticed my books lately all have a certain theme.  Though I had started out writing humorous takes on the whole paranormal genre, my recently finished ghost story is a bit different (no biting but still humorous).  I noticed a trend of how 'Fate' plays a big part in how and why my characters get together.

After analyzing my own life and seeing how nothing went as originally planned (after 20 years I am not the Master Diver in the United States Navy or Navy Chief Journalist I had put down in my goals in my high school, senior year journal) I too started believing in 'Fate'. 

If it wasn't for all the jokes 'Fate' played on me throughout my adult life, I wouldn't have the wonderful husband and daughters I have now.  Enough said--Fate guides us, we do not plan our futures.  We can make plans but something somehow takes us were we are meant to be.

I am trusting 'Fate' to see my characters into their Happily Ever Afters in each story I write.  So without further ado--my new tag line--"Bitten by Fate".

Darn!  Now I have to get Vista Print to re-do my business cards!  :)

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