Thursday, January 29, 2015

Self Published Romance Authors, Beginning Writers and those in the Indie-ustry..I WANT YOU! Yes, you...and, you.. and you over there, and you, you, and even you.


I've been fortunate enough to be able to get away from my regular domestic routine for a month and head to sunny central Texas to sit in a hotel suite for hours on end doing nothing but writing, planning and plotting...and that's not even working on my novella/novel! (That's a whole other ball game.)

While here in Texas, many changes in my writing world have taken place (or are about to). In the next few months I will have some fantastic news to share and a ton of fun things taking place. But for now, I would like to share an exciting idea that's been niggling (is that a real word? Eh--I like it.) at the back of my brain for the past few months.

Please...let me explain, No, let me sum up:
See what happens when your brain doesn't shut down at night? Red Eyes and Coffee!

Nearly six years ago I dreamed of  writing my first full length novel. With my husbands insistence and a few important gifts to help, he told me I had one year to write a full manuscript and have it ready to market. So every day I wrote until I had a story I thought was wonderful...ehhh, the rough draft has made it through SEVERAL revisions since then.

But come to find out, that's not all there was to writing. (What?! You mean you can't just write a story and expect to sell it?) When donkeys fly! All hope lost! Now what to do?

I did the smartest thing I could think of. I joined Romance Writers of America (RWA) found local chapters (MRW and WRW--thank you my sisters and brothers for so much), and learned what needed to be done by those who'd 'boldly gone before me'.

One of the greatest thing about being a writer/author is the companionship along the way. It is the greatest source of friendship and mentor ship I've ever encountered. If you have a question, all you have to do is ask--I don't care if they are NYT Best Sellers or someone who is just starting their publishing process, they will take the time to answer your questions and guide you along. They are a fount of great advice.

Unfortunately though, it's not always easy staying on top of the ever changing market. Publishers come and go, names change, traditional publishing isn't what it used to be as self-publishing has hit the market--but even that is constantly changing. Marketing is now up to the author even for many traditional publishers.

The past three years since I received my first contract, I've lived on the Internet and social media loops/groups to find out where I need to be, what I need to be doing, how to stay afloat and what goals to set. I also learn from my critique partners, writing and self-publishing groups by sharing information and finding out what works for them.

Writing has become a full time that takes up time not only writing but Marketing.

If you are like me, you would rather be writing that next best seller, not searching the Internet (which lately mine has been slow and wonky (another word I like--wonky). Searching from link to link and typing in search words to hopefully get me where I want to go--a legitimate site, which will help me keep my business going, is tedious and time consuming.
Cluttered Desk--Creative Mind: HELP!

So I thought to myself, "Self? Do you wish there was one site you could go to and BOOM--everything you're looking for is there?" And I answered back, "Darn straight, self! That would make my life so much easier."

Well, I'm sure I'm not the only one out there but I'm not sure where  to look--and hey, another site to help authors would be great. Right? Right.

So without further ado:

Loni (that's me for those of you who don't know) is merging with her own self-publishing name, Spiridus Publishing to bring you just a site. But wait...I don't want to have to research and blog all the time? I have books to write!

Solution: I am imploring, begging, pleading, down on my knees asking for donations of (no not money) articles, links and information to share in the romance writer's world.

With Spiridus Publishing, I'm not a 'publisher'. I won't buy your rights or sell your book, but I will point you in the direction of where you might find one, or where or how to promote. I'm looking to be a 'writers co-op' of information. Everyone knows of someone in the industry who could use an extra hand...Spiridus Publishing is that 'third hand' to give us a boost.

By word of mouth and social media I hope to establish a site in which everyone related in the Romance Self-publishing and Indie Publishing can share their ideas, links, sites and knowledge of the writing market from the beginning steps of writing to hitting the New York Times Best Seller List. (As my sister told me the other day, 'If you are going to dream...DREAM BIG.' )

There will be something for every romance fiction genre (and books with romantic elements), to start out with, and possibly some self-help books for authors. In the mean time, I will be looking for people with ideas to share as I put together this project of love and give back to those who've helped me along the way, and pass the 'flaming plume' on to others.

I hope to have the site (and publishing name) up and running by mid-February. All blog articles will be posted M-F. I will have pages to support the general mass of romance writing but also pages to highlight sub genres: YA, NA, Erotic, Suspense, Contemporary, Paranormal/Fantasy, etc.

There will be pages of links for industry sites: Reviewers, Bloggers, Cover Artists, Formaters, Editors, Publishers, Promotional Sites, etc.

If this might be something you are interested in please contact me at: and put in the subject line--Supporting Spiridus Publishing.

Thank you...your support, comments, complaints will be greatly appreciated.

Hugs from Loni--hey, it was the closest thing I had to a 'hug-like' picture. Hugs anyway.

Loni Lynne

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  1. Loni, this is such a wonderful idea. Even after 5 published books, I still feel green behind the ears--a newbie. BUT as you mentioned above, I have learned a couple things too in the last couple of years and would thrilled to share that knowledge---play it forward. This is going to be a great venture. HUGS!!