Sunday, November 30, 2014

Productive Year and .99 December Kick-Off Special

This year has been super crazy for me. Since January, I have been busy writing, editing, publishing and promoting not one but three books!

 Who would've ever thought my dear hubby's simple, "you have one year to complete a manuscript" nearly six years ago would lead me to three books/two series in less than a year.
 Wanted: One Ghost is now in it's second year and needed some siblings to keep him company. So a sequel, Distilled Spirits was conceived and is due to be born for the world to see on December 15th through Crescent Moon Press.

But not only did I finish a sequel but started self-publishing. My original manuscript I finished at hubby's request (and revised nearly six times in the six year period since), Immortal Heat debuted on October 6th of this year as a Kindle book and now after nearly a month of trying to perfect the print formatting, it is also available as a paperback through

Immortal Heat is a start of a new series for me based on Romanian folklore/mythology and legend. The series continues in February, 2015 with Immortal Angel.

But enough about my busy for the good stuff:

From December 1st until December 5th both of my first novels, Wanted: One Ghost AND Immortal Heat will be available on Kindle for just .99!!  And Wanted: One Ghost continues to be .99 until the end of the year!

Right in time for pre-ordering of Distilled Spirits!

So for this Christmas Season, if you are like me and love Charles Dickens-A Christmas Carol with ghosts and greed--meet some new ghosts who battle greedy enemies and fall in love.

All I can say at this time of year to all my readers, past, present and future is: Thank You Very Much!

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