Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hey--I'm Beginning to Accomplish Things!

Keeping a journal.  I've been known to do journaling about everything from what I eat to what I do each day . . . boring!  (I guess that describes my eating habits and lifestyle . . . or maybe just mundane?)  Anyway, thought I would give it a go with my writing habits (along with the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood Winter Writing Festival and a couple of other goal setting contests I'm doing).

I'm setting practical limitations--1,000 words a day, working at least twenty minutes on edits/revisions on previous day work (before starting my new word count), and taking at least two hours for anything writing related.

I find if I say 'at least' then I am more likely to see to the 'at least' part if not go over.  Either way, I win.  It's kind of like the little game I play at Walmart--guesstimating the total of my purchase as it is being rung up.  I'm getting pretty good and try for the 'worse case scenario' within reason, if I'm under by $20 I win, if I'm on target--I win and if I'm over by less than $10, I still win--anything over---major fail!

So I'm at least doing the minimum goals set but have been accomplishing either a few more hours in writing, higher word counts or both.  That way, I don't feel so guilty if my daily life tomorrow falls apart--the kids are sick, hubby needs me to run 16 errands, and the car won't start--you know . . . reality!  I have extra slack in my writing time.

I've managed to complete another chapter in my revision of IMMORTAL HEAT and looking to work a bit on  YES SIR, THAT'S MY BABY tonight for my critique group.  I could do another 1k1h before bed--there is no crime and I'm setting my limits. . .

Now, off to make dinner and catch up on TiVo'd shows.

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