Thursday, March 24, 2011

Woman's Day -- April 17th, 2011 Issue

I received my issue of Woman's Day last Friday in the mail and I happened to be thumbing through it after my work out, drinking a grape Propel when one of the articles caught my eye.  "It's Never Too Late".

On page 23 of the April 17th issue, there is a picture of a carefree woman, her head tilted back in laughter (even though the picture is in shades of gray, it's almost as if she's defeating the weather and laughing at anything getting in her way).  That woman is none other than Diana Cosby, international romance novelist, former Navy chief, and fellow Washington Romance Writer and RomVets member.

On page 24, the sub-title, "From Fantasies To Reality" hits home.  For years I've wanted to be a romance writer, one day hoping to see my novel on a book shelf in Barnes &Noble, or even in the aisle of Wal-Mart.  I read the article, finding Diana having the same dreams and goals many of us as romance writers do.  But the fact some of us didn't achieve our dreams until we were 40 or more years of age.

We are faced with so many decisions as women when we start out--who are we, what is our niche in life, do we accept a career or go with raising a family, or both?  But all this time we have a dream, our own individual goal in our life above and beyond.  It isn't until we've lived life (however young or old we are when it happens) that moves us towards those goals.  We now have experience to back up those dreams and the ability to look at them practically to pursue them.

So thank you Diana for the inspiration to know life begins at 40 for many of us--our dreams are still within reach.

Check out the whole article in the April 17th issue of Woman's Day or go to  to view the article on-line.

Write back and let me know your dreams and goals (no matter what age) and how you see yourself accomplishing them.



  1. I think the most important thing is to at least try to reach your dreams & goals. You may not make it, but at least you'll never have to regret not making the effort. My big dream was to be a working actress - and I did it. Then I wanted to publish my books - and I did it. Did either one turn out exactly as I'd hoped? No (or, not yet, in the case of my writing). But the satisfaction is still super sweet.

  2. Christi,
    Thank you for your comment. Not only did you set goals but you achieved them too. You are a truly inspiring person! You are right, nothing ventured--nothing gained. We won't know unless we try. Cheers to you and your dreams being fulfilled and best of luck on your future endeavors.