Friday, April 16, 2010

Bitten Again

Okay, I am officially on my way--two down so far. My NaNoWriMo entry in November "Twice Bitten" has been 're-vamped' from the simple 60,000 words to 91,000 words and sports a new title, "Immortal Angel". I even like the story better. It has a nice intriguing lead into next book in which I am starting to re-work.
"Immortal Silence" which I had slated originally to the fourth book in the "Sacre" series is now the third book since I want to leave the major character for the final book (?).
I had re-worked the first one also, "Vampires Suck" is now "Immortal Heat" with a new beginning--same characters though.
Still agent hunting and hoping for that one day when "my print will come". Until then . . . "miles to go before I sleep . . . and miles to go before I sleep."

Have a great weekend everyone!

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